Graduates of PIS succeed in a global society by being respectful, productive citizens who embrace education as a lifelong process. We create a diverse unified learning community by empowering students into community members.

Staff and parents work as a team to help the students set, reach and exceed their goals.


Create challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through developing appropriate instructions.

Improve the student’s skills to be able to make decisions.

In addition, we aim to simulate critical creative thinking in an atmosphere of freedom and justice.

We strive to have parents, teachers, and community members actively involved in our students’ learning process.

School History

Pioneer Integrated Schools (PIS)is a private school that follows the American educational system. PIS history began in 1993,when the school Superintendent Prof. Ahmed Gamal El Ghazawy started the school in Cairo.
Later in 1999 the school was developed to what is known as PIS, in order to accelerate the applications of their educational ideas and to provide more internal school support.PIS offer various educational paths. One path is the National Educational System which provides National General Certificate of Secondary Education. Another path is the American Division of the Pioneer Integrated Schools.

The PIS American Division has been operating since 2008/2009 and has been run by Prof. Mohamed Ahmed El Ghazawy till December 2013.Now the school Superintendent is Mrs. Nermine Ahmed El Ghazawy.

The School follows the American Educational System supervised by the AdvancED Committee. The schools are successful, and the population in each of them has grown rapidly.