As the Pioneer Integrated Schools, we have taken education into the future. After all, our kids future is what really matter to us.
Our new introduction to the world of learning is designed, so that students complete tasks which require them to read, select, describe, research, classify record, justify and finally present and teachers’ support by highly/strong academic teaching strategies such as cooperative ,project-based and interdisciplinary learning. The following points are essential for each student:

1-Learning is something you do, & isn’t done for you.
2-Only your teacher is the one who facilitates (can make things easier) things for you.
3-Inside each one of you, there’s a brilliant student, you must set it free.
4-By telling, you may forget, by showing, you may remember, But by involving, you certainly never forget. Dear student:

The main Objective of home and school is the same, it is you.
Building and contributing our kids’ characters, is our lifetime target and to do it, You need our help for more than shelter and food. You need to understand and learn the strong moral habits that contribute to as good character.
The school and the parent’s community will work together to insure that….

They really educate leaders…..Who make difference in the world.

Eng. Amr Ahmed El Ghazawy