Mrs. Nermein El Ghazawy

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to pioneer schools…

To summarize all Pioneer schools brilliance and depth in just few words and images is a difficult task indeed.

If there is one thing which simply cannot be conveyed via the internet, it will be the human factor, in other words: the excellent qualities of our highly regarded team of Pioneer staff and our involvement of each of our students and our concern for their future are crucial to their overall education.

All our students receive strong academic guidance and are also taught good fellowship.

No student is left behind or ignored.

Each student is treated as the unique individual that they are. The limited size of classes enable us to monitor the progress of our students closet and effectively.
We believe at Pioneer that when children are happy, they will learn much better.
We  pride ourselves on our discipline; our students demonstrate exceptional standards of behavior.
We teach them to respect each other and the wider community.
Educating children may be our job but it is also a passion; all staff feels passionately about their work at Pioneer.

Director/ Mrs. Nermeen El Ghazaway